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Giulio Xie

Giulio Xie was born in Canton, China, in 1983. He took the Degree at the Academy of Fine Art in Canton. He is currently registrated in the two-year course at the Academy of Fine Art in Rome, at the Faculty of Painting with Professor Giuseppe Modica. In the 2012s,  he won the first award at the competition called “Il Pendio” (BA). He has exhibited in Rome and China. “…He paints animals, people and towns with detailed and  scientific observation of the elements…He  portrays deeply urban reality through a masterful incisiveness of traits. By creating daring compositions that are dominated by deep resonances of feelings, he paints tenderly the characters , depicting the mysteries of the soul….The figures, invigorated by personality and spirituality, have marked and graceful faces, penetrating glances, absorbed expressions…In soft modulations of light and colors, with careful distribution of chiaroscuro, the silent beauties of steady postures form a clear boundary between realism and harmonious expressionism…” (a short excerpt from “Lyrical details” by Maria Pia Cappello)

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