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Sandro Trotti was born at Monte Urano (Ascoli Piceno) in 1934. He moved to Rome and frequented Monachesi, Guttuso, Cagli and Purificato. Since 1960 he has been an instructor teacher at the Fine Arts Academy of Rome. Currently he is teaching art at the Central Fine Arts Institute of Peking; he has been defined as Italian Art Ambassador to China. Important writers and artists have written critical essays about his painting, such as U. Eco, A. Moravia, F. Solmi, E. Villa, L. Montanarini, P. Fazzini and C. Zavattini. He has exhibited all over the world. He has been reviewed by important art newspapers and magazines. His favorite themes are landscapes, Venice, Rome and female nudes. “ In a figurative style that is inclined toward expressionism, the joyous and symbolic traits are linked to the instinctive, primordial and intimate gestures with masterly erotic, emotive allusion that is of lyric inspiration... With great expressive strength and in a spiritual and mysterious atmosphere, his brushstrokes have an intense, vibrant and passionate flow… His female nudes are the interpretative key of his thoughts, dreams and wishes that stand above the uniformity of our century, shadowed by the illusion of the representative spirit” ( a short excerpt from “Persuasive modulations” by Maria Pia Cappello)

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