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Rajat Subhra Bandopadhy

Rajat Subhra Bandopadhy was born in 1966 at Jamshedpur, India. He attended the College of Arts & Crafts, Kolkate. His works are in some private Collection of Hotels across India. He has participated in several art exhibitions in India. “ His canvas look into a universe which is extremely complex and difficult because it is a world of introspective reflections with expressionistic painted background. His creative watercolors suggest a process that emerges as a reiteration of human forms and life process. In his visionary power of spirit, any construction can be reduced to fragments that produce different melodies, hence an ever-changing unity, full of symbols, metaphors bonded by clouds that redefine the heart of the individual and existence” ( a short excerpt from “The magic expression of mind” by Maria Pia Cappello)

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