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Zeynel Ozgul

Zeynel Ozgul was born in Tunceli, Turkey, in 1949.  He lives and works in Antalya. “…the humanitarian idealist artist depicts superb and suggestive paintings on a variety of subjects, conveying deep information and creating pathos in order to transmit his view of life. His paintings bring together images of modern decadence with echoes from ancient legends and myths that are projected on the chaos of modern life…. Striking imagery and unexpected metaphors are the trademarks of his style with  dreamlike imagery, unnatural figures, unidentifiable images, juxtaposed geometrical landscapes and figures,  giving a disconcerting image of reality,  creating a sense of mystery on different illusionistic perspective, looking for   hidden meanings beyond appearances…” ( a short excerpt from “The gleam of life” by Maria Pia Cappello)

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