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Nino La Barbera

Nino La Barbera was born at Mazara del Vallo (Trapani) in 1945. He studied at the Art Institutes of Messina and Palermo. In 2001,  he received a UNESCO award for artistic activity. He has exhibited in several art exhibitions in Italy and abroad. “…He creates space and volume through shapes, colors and thematic fields…The canvases are covered with ancient figures and faceted crystals that stain the surrounding world from which magical and evocative waterfalls often appear: it is a temple of soul, wrapped in solitude in which the pictorial research stands as intervention and as a consoler in the process of the world, as a means of idyllic communication… You perceive echoes of delicate beauty, admiring the sublime scenery of ancient life…The link between the ancient and a fantasy-allegorical world is always very strong because the painter delves into nature and history that become beneficial and divine…The result is a particular ‘complementary’ inner world, a slow and intimate transformation which culminates in the natural, primordial world in which the static nature of life and the speed of time are shaped…” (a short excerpt from “Symbolic remembrances” by Maria Pia Cappello).

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