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Ezio Farinelli    

Ezio Farinelli

Ezio Farinelli was born in Rieti  in 1937. He has exhibited in Italy and abroad, in numerous personal or group exhibitions  with famous artists, such as  Brindisi, Guttuso, Annigoni, Monachesi, De Chirico, Vedova, Maccari, Levi. He has been reviewed by prestigious newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias. “…By seizing the sense of reality in an intense, emotional , chromatic color, he focuses his talent and depicts divas, ladies, sensual women, Don Chisciotte, Rome... In a magnificent painting texture, he represents  the courtly love that becomes sensual but terrestrial, ephemerous but elated, almost dignified... With intricate and lively lines, the trait is multiplied in endless color combinations; it derives that every moment of the action, together with the rapidity of fugacious moments, are fixed in a single image that enchants and captivates the viewers’ soul…”  (“From  imaginative figurative to persuasive informal”  critical text by Maria Pia Cappello from the catalogue of a solo show at the Gallery Aeden in Rome)

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