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Athos Faccincani

Athos Faccincani was born at Peschiera del Garda,Verona,  in 1951.  He studied at the Fine art of Venice and collaborated with famous artists, such as , Guidi, Seibezzi,  Novati. In the ‘70s, once he finished the High School, he frequented psychiatric hospitals and prisons, dedicating himself to his art and becoming  the  defender  of poor and marginalized people. He painted the series “ The Resistance”  and the President Sandro Pertini gave him the nomination of Knight of the Italian Republic.  He has participated in numerous and important art exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He has been reviewed by prestigious art magazines. “…He presents the pursuit of total freedom and reflects his search for spiritual values…His favourite themes are flowers, trees, lakes, Venice, Italian and Mediterranean landscapes, the fragmentation of coasts, plains and hills that give aesthetic pleasure and create a sense of dream and harmony between the things and ourselves…The elemental forces and beauties of nature, widely evoked on the canvas, create a sense of expansiveness which mirrors the complexity of the universe…Colors emerge as an ephemeral force that energizes the entire painting: happiness seems to prevail to the impact of troubled and uncertain movements of our time…” ( a short excerpt from “Universal beauty in aesthetic renaissance” by Maria Pia Cappello)

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