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Valerio Capoccia

Capoccia Valerio was born at Alvito (Frosinone) in 1950. He took a degree in Engineering  at the University of Rome. He has participated in art exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He is a sculptor and uses different materials: basalt, marble,  Coreno stone, bronze, cubic stones. “…He belongs to the glorious archaic and classic civilizations but his works radiate the dynamism of contemporary art….His art expresses  a spiritual naturalism which is characterized by sophisticated research of styles and wise balances that give power, nobility, tridimensionality  and emotion to the figural works…By harmonizing volumes and geometric proportions, the soft modulations are perfect…In the ingenious movement and skillful completion of the merger between shape and material, he conveys powerful solemnity to the sculptures that  gather classic-symbolic features, aimed to bring together the absolute ideal of beauty and introspective inner world…” ( a short excerpt from” Regenerating modulations in symbolic metamorphosis” by Maria Pia Cappello)

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