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Gianpaolo Berto

Gianpaolo Berto was born at Adria (Rovigo) in 1940; he is an Italian painter, designer, graphic designer and sculptor. He has taught at the Rome Fine Arts Academy for forty years; he has collaborated with Carlo Levi, Giorgio de Chirico, Renato Guttuso, Ugo Attardi, Enotrio and Marino Mazzacurati. He has participated in numerous important art exhibitions in Italy and foreign countries. Gianni Rodari, Natalino Sapegno and Vittorio Sgarbi have written critical essays about his works. He is exceedingly individualistic, both as an artist and in his personality; in his works there is a  fusion between different elements that have symbolic and surrealistic features,  with oneiric and mythical sources. “…With stylization and simplification of forms he expresses man’s emotional and psychological life, exalting feelings through colors, lines and shadows. With intuitive features (Zen) the signs become symbols… He depicts objects through meditation, reflection, dreams…” (a short excerpt from “The abstract seasons of heart” by Maria Pia Cappello).

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